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Yahoo! Finance: APM Monaco, On Attending Fashion Week, Forbes' Awards and New Jewelry

Yahoo! Finance: APM Monaco, On Attending Fashion Week, Forbes' Awards and New Jewelry

APM Monaco, On Attending Fashion Week, Forbes' Awards and New Jewelry

Monaco, Monte Carlo--(Newsfile Corp. - October 29, 2022) - With increased access to high-quality jewelry, the market is thriving. Valued at roughly $250 billion last year, the industry is predicted to continue getting bigger. Jewelry sales are surging: a recent poll found that 30% of consumers purchased more jewelry during the peak of the pandemic. This dramatic increase in market size and sales is partially attributed to a handful of companies pushing the industry forward regarding design and social responsibility. APM Monaco is one of these companies.

APM Monaco, On Attending Fashion Week, Forbes' Awards and New Jewelry APM Monaco's 40th Anniversary, the innovative jewelry brand is nothing but excited for its future. They know the importance of protecting the environment, similarly, that jewelry is a luxury - coming secondary to the planet. This year alone, APM has set sustainability goals, won awards, and developed an array of bright, new designs.

Simply put, APM Monaco is an industry leader when it comes to fashion jewelry designs as well as sustainable practices. Described as 'Synonymous with elegance, savoir-vivre, and luxury living', APM Monaco knows that sophistication and protecting the planet are not mutually exclusive. These last few months perfectly exemplify this modus operandi.

With two widely popular dinners honoring the stylists of celebrities and other industry professionals who do not always receive public acclaim, one at New York Fashion Week and one at Paris Fashion Week, APM Monaco's presence was felt this Fashion Week season.

Additionally, APM Monaco's paradigmatic sustainability program, Wonderland Program, recently earned an award for this commitment, honored by Forbes CEO Dominique Busso at the Forbes Le Trophée Fashion Awards. The ceremony took place at the acclaimed George V Hotel with the intent to reward brands and companies doing their part for a world striving toward sustainability.

APM Monaco's sustainability focus, known as the Wonderland program, has the motto 'enjoy now, protect our future'. Hoping to minimize its environmental impact, the brand urges its customers to adopt a similar mindset. This program allows APM buyers to bring their previously bought pieces to any APM store so they can be recycled. The APM team melts down the jewelry and reuses the raw material to create new pieces. The program provides a 2-year warranty in addition to a lifetime's worth of professional cleaning and repairs.

Building on a staple collection, APM Monaco is highlighting new Météorites pieces for October. 'Météorites' is defined by APM as a 'jump into the core' of their brand. The new statement designs are bold and starlike, handcrafted from sterling silver, and micro-set with white zirconia stones to be uniquely striking. A consumer favorite of the Météorites collection is the Triple météorites necklace, which is both adjustable and elegant, drawing its inspiration from the 'starry Mediterranean sky.' The necklace, coming in an alternative, mini size, has a range of color options, as do many of APM's designs: available in gold, yellow, or white silver.

To learn more about how APM Monaco is pioneering the sustainability movement in the jewelry industry as well as pushing culture forward with their exciting designs and partnerships, visit the brand's website or Instagram for more details.