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APM Monac All Rings in Silver


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APM Monaco Phalanx Rings

The APM Phalanx Rings collection is distinguished by its unique and trendy style.

These rings, designed to be worn on the upper phalanx of the fingers, offer a modern and refined approach to jewelry. Perfect for a look that is both subtle and elegant, they are ideal for those seeking a touch of originality in their style.

APM Monaco's phalanx rings, with their unique placement, add a new dimension to jewelry fashion. They are perfect for experimenting with layered styles, giving a modern and sophisticated look.

These rings are an ideal choice for a dynamic lifestyle, bringing a casual elegance.

PHALANX RINGS Handmade with love

All APM jewellery are manufactured in-house, through our six production sites.

We have strict quality control at every stage of the production process and oversee that the utmost care and expertise goes into each jewellery.